Review:  Alpha Egg Dictionary Pen T10

This post is a review of iFlyTek Alpha Egg Reading Pen T10 – a handheld multi-language dictionary and translating pen.  It can scan just about any printed text and give an explanation or translation.  The Alpha Egg T10 is designed to be kid-friendly and allows the user to accurately and quickly translate from/to different languagesContinue reading “Review:  Alpha Egg Dictionary Pen T10”

New Chinese Learning Apps for Kids in 2022

In edu-tech, nothing stays still.  This post is a round up of the new entrants and major upgrades that have happened in the Chinese Learning Apps for Kids space during first half of 2022.  The exciting part is that there are some small “mumtrepeneur” businesses, along with homegrown Singaporean startups, that are now rivalling theContinue reading “New Chinese Learning Apps for Kids in 2022”

Maomi Stars:  review of the best Chinese literacy app for preschoolers

What is Maomi Stars? Maomi Stars is a Chinese literacy app for children, perhaps an equivalent to the English kindergarten literacy apps like Starfall, ABC Mouse or Reading Eggs.  It’s been meticulously researched, and tested on children, and offers several great advantages over other Chinese learning apps out there. My kids have road-tested A LOTContinue reading “Maomi Stars:  review of the best Chinese literacy app for preschoolers”

Skritter review: app to learn Chinese characters and tingxie

Skritter is the BEST way we’ve discovered to practice tingxie. Spaced repetition, customised wordlists, and effortless progress tracking. It includes pronunciation, tones, and much more.

Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Learning System – interview with CEO

An interview with Dr Woo Yen Yen, the co-creator of Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Learning System 点心侠. Learn what translanguaging is, and how it can be effective and fun tool on a bilingual journey.

1000+ Chinese Picture Books compatible with Luka Reading Robot

Our 1000 favourite Chinese picture books to read with Luka Reading Robot or Luka Hero, split by age groups, along with tips on how to find great Chinese picture books for Luka.