Tips for non-Chinese parents supporting children learning Mandarin

The truth of raising bilingual children by two mums

Maggie and I met online. After chatting, we couldn’t help but realise how similar we are, yet so different when it comes to raising bilingual children. We’re like role reversals – an Aussie mum in Asia (that’s me) and a Chinese mum (Maggie) in Australia, each is doing the same thing – raising bilingual girls and blogging about it. Read more…..


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Cultivating a love for Chinese when it’s not spoken in the home

It’s hard to encourage a child to love and speak a language which the parents don’t speak – but it’s possible, and rewarding. And living in Singapore is a great opportunity for this to take place!

Here are my top tips on how to increase Chinese exposure for non-Chinese speaking families, and also how to cope in a Chinese schooling system for expats.

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