Our favourite Chinese learning platforms – update 2 years later

An update for my original post on online Chinese classes. What have we continued with? How does it differ by child? What are the watchouts?

Online Chinese Class Review: GoEast Mandarin – Classes for Children

Our family thinks online classes are great!  Finding amazing language classes which interest my kids has become somewhat of an addiction for me as their mother, and has been a huge help in our journey of language acquisition.    This post shares our wonderful experiences with GoEast Mandarin, which is where my  #2 child (the fussiestContinue reading “Online Chinese Class Review: GoEast Mandarin – Classes for Children”

Chinese Math Online Classes for Children – comparison

This review is a head-to-head comparison of our experience with trialing six different online Math classes which are taught in Chinese, including HouHua, VIP Think, Wukong, Zhangman Kid and various Singapore Math options.

Parent review: LingoAce online Chinese class

This is a detailed and genuine review of LingoAce, an online Chinese learning service.  In this post, I’ve tried to compare the differences between the various LingoAce offerings, and also make comparison to other online learning platforms that we have tried, to allow you to make an informed decision of the best fit for yourContinue reading “Parent review: LingoAce online Chinese class”

Review: Language Art Fun, with Wendy – online craft class in Chinese

Language Art Fun are a series of classes run online for children, focussing on literacy through art, in target languages of Mandarin, Japanese, English or a combination of the three! One of the great rewards of participating in the Le Le Chinese Reading Challenge, is that everyone who completes the challenge of reading at leastContinue reading “Review: Language Art Fun, with Wendy – online craft class in Chinese”