Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Learning System – interview with CEO

An interview with Dr Woo Yen Yen, the co-creator of Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Learning System 点心侠. Learn what translanguaging is, and how it can be effective and fun tool on a bilingual journey.

1000+ Chinese Picture Books compatible with Luka Reading Robot

Our 1000 favourite Chinese picture books to read with Luka Reading Robot or Luka Hero, split by age groups, along with tips on how to find great Chinese picture books for Luka.

Chinese eBook Apps for Children: Comparison and Review

A detailed comparison of nine Chinese e-Book platforms for Children, including Wawayaya JoyReader, Dudu, Ellabook, Epic, and others. The posts covers the range of books available, ease of use, and key considerations.

iFlytek Alpha Egg versus Youdao Dictionary Pen 科大讯飞扫描笔 vs 有道

This post is a detailed comparison of iFlytek Alpha Egg versus the Youdao Dictionary pen (科大讯飞扫描笔 vs 有道) in terms of design, accuracy, and other key features.  They are both excellent options, and the race is clearly on between dictionary pen manufacturers in China. 

Learning in Lockdown! – Chinese HBL resources

If you’re feeling the fear (again) of what the next month may look like for homeschooling, then this post is for you.  This was a post I had hoped wouldn’t be needed.  It’s a simple list of what worked best for us, during a 92 day period where our little family unit didn’t interact physicallyContinue reading “Learning in Lockdown! – Chinese HBL resources”

Parent Review: Alpha Egg Dictionary Pen Q3

A review of iFlyTek Alpha Egg Reading Pen – a handheld dictionary pen, which can read any printed Chinese or English text.  It’s specifically designed to be kid friendly, accurate, and allows the user to effectively read and/or translate between the two languages, whether printed text or spoken. It’s like the Youdao pen but better!

Youdao Dictionary Pen: Comparison of 2.0 vs 3.0 vs Pro Version for Chinese-English

Comparing the differences between the four key models of the portable 有道 Youdao Dictionary pen (Version 2.0, Version 3.0, Pro version, and International Version) , which can all translate from simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English, from individual words to entire sentences.

App comparison: iHuman Hongen Chinese (洪恩识字) versus Wukong Literacy (悟空识字) for learning Chinese characters

Our favourite Chinese literacy apps are iHuman Chinese Hong En Literacy (洪恩识字) and Wukong Literacy (悟空数学).  Both of iHuman app and Wukong Literacy app are designed for children who have a sound spoken understanding of Mandarin, and are starting to learn characters/words in Simplified Chinese form.  These are great apps for learning Chinese characters. This reviewContinue reading “App comparison: iHuman Hongen Chinese (洪恩识字) versus Wukong Literacy (悟空识字) for learning Chinese characters”

Great Chinese Cartoons for Children to enjoy

This posts summarises our favourite animated series from YouTube in Mandarin, for children. These are series which are all originally written in Chinese (i.e not translated from US), and have an subtle educational focus, relevant for aged 4 to 10.

The secret to find great Chinese picture books in the Singapore library with Luka

List of excellent authors of Chinese picture books, which can be found in the Singapore NLB, and which are all Luka compatible.