Tools, Apps and Reading Robots for learning Chinese

Parent Review:  Alpha Egg Dictionary Pen T10

This post is a review of iFlyTek Alpha Egg Reading Pen T10 – a handheld multi-language dictionary and translating pen.  It can scan just about any printed text and give an explanation or translation.  The Alpha Egg T10 is designed to be kid-friendly and allows the user to accurately and quickly translate from/to different languages…

New Chinese Learning Apps for Kids in 2022

In edu-tech, nothing stays still.  This post is a round up of the new entrants and major upgrades that have happened in the Chinese Learning Apps for Kids space during first half of 2022.  The exciting part is that there are some small “mumtrepeneur” businesses, along with homegrown Singaporean startups, that are now rivalling the…

Learning in Lockdown! – Chinese HBL resources

If you’re feeling the fear (again) of what the next month may look like for homeschooling, then this post is for you.  This was a post I had hoped wouldn’t be needed.  It’s a simple list of what worked best for us, during a 92 day period where our little family unit didn’t interact physically…

Parent Review: Alpha Egg Dictionary Pen Q3

A review of iFlyTek Alpha Egg Reading Pen – a handheld dictionary pen, which can read any printed Chinese or English text.  It’s specifically designed to be kid friendly, accurate, and allows the user to effectively read and/or translate between the two languages, whether printed text or spoken. It’s like the Youdao pen but better!

App comparison: iHuman Hongen Chinese (洪恩识字) versus Wukong Literacy (悟空识字) for learning Chinese characters

Our favourite Chinese literacy apps are iHuman Chinese Hong En Literacy (洪恩识字) and Wukong Literacy (悟空数学).  Both of iHuman app and Wukong Literacy app are designed for children who have a sound spoken understanding of Mandarin, and are starting to learn characters/words in Simplified Chinese form.  These are great apps for learning Chinese characters. This review…

Review of Luka Mini vs Original Luka Reading Companion

Luka Mini is a simpler version of the Original Luka Reading Companion, and it stacks up well against its forebears. 

It’s a great entry-level reading robot for toddlers / very young children, as it has reduced functionality and optionality, but the same ability to read physical picture books with high audio quality. 

This post…


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The Chinese apps and reading pens we love

My three children are learning Mandarin as her mother tongue, despite no parent or grandparent speaking it. This means we cannot understand the homework, or help with weekly spelling revision.

Here’s sharing a few tips on how we’ve been surviving, thanks to a few interesting “robots” in our house. There are many great apps, optical reading pens, and Chinese AI reading robots available in Singapore to equip children to read, write and speak Chinese fluently – and to help parents get involved too!.

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