Chinese Books for Children to Enjoy

Dou Dou Books: Review of new Chinese levelled readers

What are Dou Dou Chinese Readers? Dou Dou Books are “first readers” for young children who are just starting to read in Simplified Chinese.  There were meticulously written by an American early childhood education expert, Miss Stella Beaver. Throughout two decades of teaching and researching across top immersion and Montessori schools, she has developed her…

Book Review: Frog and Toad Story Books 青蛙和蟾蜍

Frog and Toad is a charming set of 4-books, which tells a timeless story of friendship, having been written over 50 years ago …. it’s perfect as an early chapter book for an emerging reader, with less pictures and more text. The stories are endearing because Frog and Toad’s adventures are simple every day activities…

Odonata Chinese Levelled Reading Series: Review

A review of Odonata Graded readers, which area well written series for learning 1200 Chinese characters.  The books have a clear layout, large font, and no HYPY, and importantly, will not break the bank (unlike some other famous levelled readers, which are quite an investment). Click above to read more.

Book Review: Crow Bakery 乌鸦面包店 (Set of 5)

This endearing set of 5 books (translated from Japanese) centres around the humble beginnings of a mom-and-pop bakery business, opened by two crows in the Spring Forest. It’s an intriguing story following the progression of the bakery – and various other enterprises around the forest – and how the family go about their daily life,…


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Chinese books for children
Literacy through literature
The Chinese Books We Love

We just love to read! I believe in literacy through literature. As a non-Chinese reader myself, it’s been a well-researched journey to find age-appropriate books which can teach my children to read simplified Chinese characters, and provide literary fun for the whole family.

Most of the books recommended come with a good audio option (reading pen, Luka, etc) so that the child can read independently without a Chinese speaking adult in the house. All of these books we’ve purchased in Singapore.

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