Learning in Lockdown! – Chinese HBL resources

If you’re feeling the fear (again) of what the next month may look like for homeschooling, then this post is for you.  This was a post I had hoped wouldn’t be needed.  It’s a simple list of what worked best for us, during a 92 day period where our little family unit didn’t interact physicallyContinue reading “Learning in Lockdown! – Chinese HBL resources”

My bilingual parenting mistakes, and resolutions for 2021

(above graphic is modified list from Bilingual Kidspot) As the year draws to an end, it marks my one-year anniversary of blogging about Chinese home learning.  In an otherwise-really-bizarre-year for the whole planet, it’s been a haven to be able to write and learn together with so many amazing parents trying to do the Chinese-EnglishContinue reading “My bilingual parenting mistakes, and resolutions for 2021”

Book Review: I Wonder (我想知道)

“I Wonder” (我想知道) authored by Singaporean Lynn Wong, sends a great message of support, written from the perspective of seeing a crisis (in this case, Covid) through the eyes of a child. There’s a message in there for all of us. Please support this amazing bilingual book charity effort.