Little Sheep Goes up the Mountain 小羊上山 Review – Chinese Levelled Reader

Exciting new series of graded readers released in 2020 & 2021, by the same authors as Disney I Will Read, but SO much better! This book set is an excellent choice for any child who is starting learning to read, and it won’t break the budget either.

Simplified Chinese Comic Books & Graphic Novels for Kids

Review of six great sets of Simplified Chinese graphic novels for children which contain touching stories and Asian-themed graphics. Great for language learners of multiple abilities, with lots of cultural relevance too.

Skritter review: app to learn Chinese characters and tingxie

Skritter is the BEST way we’ve discovered to practice tingxie. Spaced repetition, customised wordlists, and effortless progress tracking. It includes pronunciation, tones, and much more.

Chinese Home Library: Best Books of 2020 & 2021

Our family’s favourite Chinese book recommendations for each age group from toddler to tween. 3 to 9. As selected by my kids.

Building a Chinese book library at home for children

This post outlines how you can go about creating your own children’s Chinese book collection at home, and what to think about as you do it. It includes the types of books we have by age, genre and author, and also where they came from. Lots of geeky charts and graphs.

Our favourite Chinese learning platforms – update 2 years later

An update for my original post on online Chinese classes. What have we continued with? How does it differ by child? What are the watchouts?