Luka Compatible Books

[Note – Aug 2021: I have made a new post updating this, containing a list of 1000+ Luka compatible books in Chinese….. please see here for updated post with many more new books]

This post lists out all the Luka compatible books which we have enjoyed reading through our wonderful Luka Reading robots. Whether you have Original Luka, Hero, or a Mini, they will all read the same book collection (although Luka Hero offers a few more different narrations to choose from for particular books).

This post covers:

  1. Checking if a book is compatible with Luka
  2. Luka compatible books for 2 – 3 Year olds
  3. Luka compatible books for 4 – 6 Year olds
  4. Luka compatible books for 7 – 10 Year olds

(If reading this, and you’re not aware what Luka Reading Companion or Luka Hero is, you can see my previous review outlining this little reading robot which narrates physical picture books page-by-page, and Luka Hero model can even read individual characters by pointing to them).

How to check whether a book is compatible with Luka or Luka Hero

With the Luka app, it’s easy peasy to check whether a book is compatible,  because you can just scan the barcode/ISBN code on your phone, and it will tell you if Luka has a narration of the book.  I used to always do this when browsing book at the library.   Admittedly, with the COVID situation and lack of physical book browsing, it’s harder:  online shopping would be a lot easier (more dangerous!…) with a Luka shopping list.

Finding Luka compatible books
Use the scanner in top right of the Luka app to scan a book’s barcode and see if Luka recognises it

We read every evening with Luka and have reasd thousands of books, so I’ll limit this to the main ones which we’ve enjoyed, and only the Chinese titles (because Luka also reads in other languages too).  I’ll slowly link this up with reviews I write in future for some of these sets. 

I’ve also written a separate post for those in Singapore looking to borrow Luka compatible books from the National Library Board libraries, with some extra tips and tricks, including our favourite authors.

Our Favourite Luka Compatible Books for Toddlers (2 – 3 year olds)

Apolline’s Little World 14-Book Set 阿波林的小世界 – by Didier Dufresne

  • 阿波林的小世界-穿衣服 Getting Dressed
  • 阿波林的小世界-快睡觉 Bedtime
  • 阿波林的小世界-刷牙 Brushing Teeth
  • 阿波林的小世界-洗澡 Bathing
  • 阿波林的小世界-不想午睡 Don’t Want To Nap
  • 阿波林的小世界-过家家 Around The House
  • 阿波林的小世界-把尿尿 Using the Bathroom
  • 阿波林的小世界-花园里 In the Garden
  • 阿波林的小世界-堆雪人 Making a Snowman
  • 阿波林的小世界-小医生 The Little Doctor
  • 阿波林的小世界-圣诞礼物 The Christmas Gift
  • 阿波林的小世界-生日快乐 Happy Birthday
  • 阿波林的小世界-开汽车 Driving A Car
  • 阿波林的小世界-在海滩 At the Beach

Dear Zoo 亲爱的动物园 – by Rod Campbell

Dots 点点点 – by Herve Tullet (also 变变变 Change Change and 小黄点 Little Yellow Dot).

Good night, Gorilla 晚安,大猩猩 – Peggy Rathmann

Llama Llama 8-Book Set – by Anna Dewdney

  • 穿红衣的拉玛 Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • 拉玛生妈妈的气  Llama Llama Mad at Mama
  • 拉玛想妈妈  Llama Llama Misses Mama
  • 拉玛过圣诞节  Llama Llama Holiday Drama
  • 拉玛和妈妈在家  Llama Llama Home with Mama
  • 拉玛学会了分享  Llama Llama Time to Share
  • 拉玛和捣蛋鬼  Llama Llama and the Bully Goat
  • 拉玛和外婆外公 Llama Llama Grandma and Grandpa

The Little Bear & The Best Daddy: 小熊和最好的爸爸 (set of 7 books)

My First Nature Encyclopedia 我的第一套自然认知书

  • 脸 Faces
  • 睡觉 Sleeping
  • 吃饭 Eating
  • 你住在哪儿 Where Do You Stay?
  • 你在干什么 What Are You Doing?
  • 地底下有什么 What is Underground?
  • 猜猜我是谁 Guess Who I Am
  • 各种各样的蛋 All Kinds of Eggs
  • 小仓鼠 Little Hamster
  • 快乐的小狗 Happy Dogs
  • 鸟儿 Birds
  • 小小寄居蟹 Little Hermit Crabs
  • 独角仙 Rhinoceros Beetle
  • 好玩的昆虫 Fun Insects
  • 金龟子的颜色 Colours of Beetles
  • 藏猫猫的竹节虫 Stick Insects Playing Hide and Seek
  • 你是昆虫吗 Are You an Insect?
  • 有趣的水果 Interesting Fruit
  • 神奇的种子 Amazing Seeds
  • 河水流啊流 Rivers Flow

Mr Panda’s Good Manners 熊猫先生 series – by Steve Antony

  • 谢谢你,熊猫先生Thank You, Mr. Panda
  • 我愿意等,熊猫先生I’ll Wait, Mr. Panda
  • 晚安,熊猫先生Goodnight, Mr. Panda
  • 请给我,熊猫先生Please, Mr. Panda

Peppa Pig: 1st Bilingual Board Book Series 小猪佩奇 series (see blog entry here)

  • 我妈妈 My Mummy
  • 我爸爸 My Daddy
  • 我爷爷 My Grandpa
  • 我奶奶 My Granny

Peppa Pig: 2nd Bilingual Board Book Series 小猪佩奇 series

  • 自行车比赛 Peppa’s Big Race
  • 佩奇打篮球 Peppa Plays Basketball
  • 体育课 Peppa’s Gym Class
  • 佩奇去滑冰 Peppa Goes Ice Skating
  • 趣味长跑 Daddy Pig’s Fun Run

Rosie’s Walk 母鸡萝丝去散步 – Patricia Hutchins

10 Fingers and 10 Toes 袋貂魔法  – by Mem Fox

The Taste of Home (Set of 7) 家的味道 – by Todd Parr (short review here)

  • 家庭书 The Family Book
  • 妈妈书 The Mommy Book
  • 爸爸书 The Daddy Book
  • 奶奶书 The Grandma Book
  • 爷爷书 The Grandpa Book
  • 我爱你 The I Love You Book
  • 爱让我们在一起  We Belong Together

Todd’s World series弟有个大世界 – by Todd Parr. See blog entry here.

  • 不一样,没关系It’s Okay to Be Different 
  • 没关系The Okay Book 
  • 感觉书The Feelings Book
  • 感觉真棒The Feel Good Book
  • 我不怕了The I’m Not Scared Book
  • 地球书The Earth Book
  • 和平书The Peace Book (see a a short review here)
  • 读书真好Reading Makes You Feel Good

The Hungry Caterpillar 好饿的毛毛虫  – by Eric Carle

You’re All My Favourite 你们都是我的最爱 – by Sam McBratney

Our Favourite Luka Books for Little Children (4 – 6 year olds)

Note – these books may also be a good level for an older child to independently read, and then use Luka to “check back” on their understanding.

The Angry Prince 生气王子 – by Lai Ma

Brave Little Train 勇敢小火车 – by Lai Ma

Disney: I Will Read Level 1-Level 4 (Set of 24) 迪士尼我会自己读第1级-第4级(套装共24册). See my detailed review for more information.

Farmer Duckby Martin Waddell [we have the English version, but Luka will read in Chinese]

Giraffes Can’t Dance 长颈鹿不会跳舞 by Giles Andreae

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs – by Mo Willems

Guess How Much I Love You 猜猜我有多爱你 – by Sam McBratney

Harry the Dirty Dog  好脏的哈利 – by Gene Zion

I am a fire breathing dragon 我变成一只喷火龙了 – by Lai Ma

Meg & Mog seriesby Helen Nicoll [we have the English version, but Luka will read in Chinese]

My Feelings – 我的感觉 Bilingual (Set of 8) – by Cornelia Maude Spelman,  [Luka reads both Chinese and English] See blog entry here with review.

  • 我好害怕 When I Feel Scared
  • 我好难过 When I Feel Sad
  • 我觉得自己很棒 When I Feel Good About Myself
  • 我会关心别人 When I Care for Others (see a brief review with a few pictures here)
  • 我好嫉妒 When I Feel Jealous
  • 我好生气 When I Feel Angry
  • 我想念你 When I Miss You
  • 我好担心 When I Feel Worried

My Magic Toilet 我的神奇马桶 – Noritake Suzuki

My Amazing Bath 我的百变浴缸 – Noritake Suzuki

Odonata Chinese Levelled Reading Series: see detailed review here

Paw Patrol 汪汪队 Series 1 (see blog entry here)

  • 汪汪队-脱险的小火车 Pups Save a Train
  • 汪汪队-挽救大游轮 Pups Save the Cruise Ship
  • 汪汪队-走失的小野雁 Pup Pup Goose
  • 汪汪队-送外星人回家 Pups Save the Space Alien
  • 汪汪队-失控的三轮车 Pups Pit Crew
  • 汪汪队-圣诞夜大救援 Pups Save Christmas
  • 汪汪队-抢险小能手 Flying Adventure
  • 汪汪队-营救淘气小猫 Pups Save a Kitten

Paw Patrol 汪汪队 Series 2 (see blog entry here)

  • 汪汪队-雪山救生员 Pups’ Snowy Mountain Rescue
  • 汪汪队-你好,奇异岛 Pups Explore an Island
  • 汪汪队-空中大冒险 Pups’ Sky Adventure 
  • 汪汪队-抢救机器狗 Pups Save Robo-Dog
  • 汪汪队-冒险湾停电了 Pups Turn on the Lights
  • 汪汪队-水塔抢修大行动  Pups Save a Water Tower
  • 汪汪队-消防小英雄 Pups Fight Fire
  • 汪汪队-猫狗大战  Pups and Taekwondo
  • 汪汪队-热气球比赛  Pup Pup and Away
  • 汪汪队-火车大救援  Pups Save a Train

Rosie’s Walk 母鸡萝丝去散步 – By Pat Hutchins

Stone Soup 石头汤 – by Jon J Muth

Tyrannosaurus series – by Tatsuya Miyanishi, translated from Japanese) (see blog entry here)

  • 你看起来好像很好吃 You Look Yummy
  • 你真好You Are My Best Friend
  •  遇到你, 真好  I Want That Love
  •  永远永远爱你I Will Love You Forever
  • 霸王龙 I Am A Tyrannosaurus
  • 我爱你 I Really Love You
  • 最爱的, 是我 I Am Dad’s Favourite 

Berenstain Bears 贝贝熊 series by Jan & Mike Berenstain [these are good, but not great, as the Chinese text is tiny, and whilst the English rhymes, the Chinese translation doesn’t]

  • 贝贝熊-水族馆的一天  At The Aquarium
  • 贝贝熊-许愿星 Wishing Star
  • 贝贝熊-海滩挖宝记 Seashore Treasure
  • 贝贝熊-去农场做客 Down on the Farm
  • 贝贝熊-新来的狗狗 New Pup
  • 贝贝熊-参观养蜂场 Class Trip
  • 贝贝熊-过夜的小客人 Sleepover
  • 贝贝熊-捡来的小猫 New Kitten
  • 贝贝熊-坐火车旅行 All Aboard 
  • 贝贝熊-金花鼠宝宝到我家 Baby Chipmunk 
  • 《贝贝熊-西部牧场行》The Berenstain Bears, Out West
  • 《贝贝熊-小马驹奥斯卡》The Berenstain Bears, Shaggy Little Pony 

Elephant and Piggie 开心小猪和大象哥哥 Set – by Mo Willems (see review here)

  • 今天我要飞!Today I Will Fly!
  • 等待真不容易!Waiting Is Not Easy!
  • 我的朋友不开心My Friend Is Sad
  • 第一次参加派对!I Am Invited To A Party
  • 你头上有只鸟!There Is A Bird On Your Head
  • 吓你一跳!I Will Surprise My Friend
  • 看我来扔球!Watch Me Throw The Ball
  • 大象不会跳舞!Elephant Cannot Dance 
  • 我要走了!I am Going!
  • 我能一起玩吗?Can I Play Too?
  • 我们在一本书里!We Are in a Book
  • 要不要分享冰激凌?Should I Share My Ice Cream? 
  • 听我吹小号!Listen To My Trumpet 
  • 开车去兜风!Let’s Go For A Drive!
  • 大个子抢了我的球!A Big Guy Took My Ball!
  • 我是一只青蛙!I’m a Frog!
  • 新朋友真有趣!My New Friend Is So Fun!

Curious George Curious Series 好奇的乔治系列  – by Margret Rey & H.A. Rey (various books including ones listed below)

  • 好奇的乔治和黄帽子 Curious George and The Yellow Hat
  • 好奇的乔治看游行 Curious George watching the procession
  • 好奇的乔治去海边 Curious George goes to the Beach
  • 好奇的乔治和翻斗车 Curious George and the Dumper Truck
  • 好奇的乔治去野营 Curious George goes Camping
  • 好奇的乔治在梦里 Curious George in his Dreams
  • 好奇的乔治和小狗 Curious George and the Puppy
  • 好奇的乔治去巧克力工厂 Curious George visits the Chocolate Factory
  • 好奇的乔治去玩具店 Curious George visits the Toy Store

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus set by Mo Willems  [Note – Luka will read the Chinese books in English only; but it’s a nice way for a child to check on their understanding of the written Chinese]

  • 别让鸽子开巴士!Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!
  • 鸽子捡到一个热狗!The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog! (see a short review in this post)
  • 鸽子需要洗个澡!The Pigeon Needs A Both!
  • 别让鸽子太晚睡!Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late!
  • 鸽子想要小狗狗!The Pigeon Wants A Puppy!
  • 鸭子弄到一块饼干!?The Duckling Gets A Cookie!?

Elmer the Elephant (various books from the library in Chinese) – by David McKee

  • Elmer’s Colours
  • Elmer’s Weather
  • Elmer’s Race
  • Elmer and the Monster
  • Elmer and the Race

Guess How Much I Love You 猜猜我有多爱你 – by Sam McBratney

Grumpy Day for Badger 小獾今早心情不好  by Mortiz Petz and Amelia Jackowski [published in English under the title – The Bad Mood Book]

Good Night, Moon 晚安,月亮 – by Margaret Wise Brown

Grace Says 说心 set  by Emma Henderson

  • Grace说专心 Grace Said Focus
  • Grace说耐心 Grace Said Patience 
  • Grace说恒心 Grace Said Persistence [not in Luka yet] 

The Giving Tree 爱心树 by Shel Silverstein (very short review in this post)

How full is your bucket? 你的水桶有多满 – by Tom Rath

Have you filled a bucket today 你把水桶加满了吗?– by Carol McCloud 

Madeline 马德琳 series by Ludwig Bemelmans

  • 马德琳 Madeline
  • 马德琳和小捣蛋 Madeline and the Bad Hat
  • 马德琳的救命狗Madeline’s Rescue
  • 马德琳在伦敦 Madeline in London
  • 玛德琳的圣诞节 Madeline’s Christmas
  • 玛德琳和吉普赛人 Madeline and the Gypsies

Magic school bus bridge books 魔法校車第二輯  (桥梁版) (set of 22)

My Favourite Grandma 最喜爱的奶奶 (aka Grandma Dearest) – by Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara (review here)

Officer Buckle and Gloria 警官巴克尔和警犬葛芮雅

Odonata Chinese Levelled Reading Series: see detailed review here

Taro Gomi Collection – by Taro Gomi

You’re All My Favourite 你们都是我的最爱 – by Sam McBratney

Our Favourite Luka Compatible Books for Primary age children (7 – 10 year olds)

Butt Detective 屁屁偵探 (translated from Japanese) (see detailed review here)

Camphor Tree Apartments 樟树公寓 series by Etsuko Bushika and Shigeki Suezaki (translated from Japanese)

  • 10层楼的大树屋The 10 Story Tree Apartments 
  • 新邻居来了The New Neighbour 
  • 下雨天的故事 The Rainy Day
  • 鼹鼠的暑假 Mr. Mole’s Summer Vacation 
  • 秋天的节日 The Autumn Festival 
  • 候鸟音乐会 The Concert 
  • 下雪天的秘密  The Secret of A Snowy Day

Crow Bakery (Set of 5) 乌鸦面包店 – by 加古里子 Satoshi Kako (see my book review here)

  • 乌鸦面包店 Crow Bakery
  • 乌鸦糕点店 Crow Pastry Shop
  • 乌鸦天妇罗店 Crow Tempura Shop
  • 乌鸦蔬果店 Crow Fruit and Veggie Shop
  • 乌鸦荞麦面店 Crow Soba Noodle Shop

Disney: I will read Level 5-Level 8 by myself (Set of 24) 迪士尼我会自己读第5级-第8级(24册套装)

Insects’s Diary Series ( Set of 4 ) 蚯蚓的日记系列(全4册)- by Doreen Cronin

  • 苍蝇的日记 (Diary of a Fly) 
  • 蚯蚓的日记  (Diary Of A Worm)
  •  蜘蛛的日记 (Diary of a Spider 1 & 2)

Frog and Toad 4-Book Set 青蛙和蟾蜍 – by Arnold Lobel (See detailed review here)

  • 好朋友 Frog and Toad Are Friends
  • 好伙伴 Frog and Toad Together
  • 快乐时光 Days with Frog and Toad
  • 快乐年年 Frog and Toad All Year 

How full is your bucket? 你的水桶有多满 – by Tom Rath

Have you filled a bucket today 你把水桶加满了吗?– by Carol McCloud 

House of 100 Stories 100层的房子 3 book set – by Toshio Iwai (see my book review here)

  • 100层的房子 House of 100 Stories 
  • 海底100层的房子 House of 100 Stories – Undersea 
  • 地下100层的房子 House of 100  Stories – Underground

Idioms Smart Flashcards 哆学成语智慧卡 (see blog post here with review)

Laura’s Star Series 劳拉的星星 (12 books, translated from German)

L’Ptites Poules 不一样的卡梅拉  set by Christian Jolibois (translated from French)

  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我想去看海  I Want to See the Ocean
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我想有颗星星  I Want to Have a Star
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我想有个弟弟 I Want A Brother
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我去找回太阳 I Will Get The Sun Back
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我爱小黑猫  I Love The Black Kitten 
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我能打败怪兽  I Can Defeat the Monster
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我要找到朗朗  I Must Find Lang Lang 
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我不要被吃掉  I Must Not Be Eaten 
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我好喜欢她  I Really Like Her
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我要救出贝里奥  I Must Rescue Beiliao
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我不是胆小鬼 I Am Not Scared
  • 不一样的卡梅拉-我爱平底锅  I Love the Pan

Magic Schoolbus 神奇校车 series by Joanna Cole (see blog post here)

  • 神奇校车:地球内部探秘 Inside the Earth 
  • 神奇校车:气候大挑战 The Climate Challenges
  • 神奇校车:探访感觉器官 The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses
  • 神奇校车:漫游电世界 The Electric Field Trip
  • 神奇校车:奇妙的蜂巢 Inside a Beehive 
  • 神奇校车:穿越飓风 Inside a Hurricane 
  • 神奇校车:追寻恐龙 In the Time of the Dinosaurs 
  • 神奇校车:海底探险 On the Ocean Floor 
  • 神奇校车:迷失在太阳系 Lost in the Solar System 
  • 神奇校车:在人体中游览 Inside the Human Body 
  • 神奇校车:水的故事 At the Waterworks 
  • 神奇校车:科学博览会 The Science Fair Expedition

Martine Story Books ( Set of 60 ) 玛蒂娜故事书(全新版 套装全60册)- by Gilbert Delahaye

Mi Xiao Quan School Diaries 米小圈上学记 (see blog post here)

  •  米小圈上学记系列一  First Year of School (only Books 1 & 2 on Luka)

Octonauts series (see blog post here)

  • 饥饿的引水鱼 The Hungry Pilot Fish
  • 大王乌贼 The Giant Squid 
  • 独角鲸 The Narwhal
  • 迷路海星 The Lost Sea Star
  • 海象首领 The Walrus Chief
  • 海马传说 The Seahorse Tale
  • 水滴鱼兄弟 The Blobfish Brothers
  • 海底风暴 The Undersea Storm
  • 怪兽地图 Monster Map
  • 小海豚 The Baby Dolphin

Super Wings

  • 秘鲁画画大作战 Drawing Pictures in Peru Arts 
  • 雅典戏剧 The Opera in Athens
  • 去阿根廷踢足球 The Soccer Match in Argentina
  • 不丹巨雪人 Bhutan’s Giant Snowman
  • 大珊瑚岛的小猪 The Piggy in Bahamas
  • 阿拉斯加冰山之旅 Journey to the Alaskan Iceberg
  • 阿尔卑斯火车救援 Alps Train Rescue
  • 香港怪物大作战 Battling the Monster in Hong Kong

Titchy Witch 小女巫格格 (12-Book Set) – by Rose Impey

  • 生日扫帚 Titchy Witch and the Birthday Broomstick
  • 消失的宝宝 Titchy Witch and the Disappearing Baby
  • 青蛙之灾 Titchy Witch and the Frog Fiasco
  • 迷路的龙 Titchy Witch and the Stray Dragon
  • 霸道的变形怪 Titchy Witch and the Bully-Boggarts
  • 松动的门牙 Titchy Witch and the Wobbly Fang
  • 给妈妈的康复汤 Titchy Witch and the Get-Better Spell
  • 魔法聚会 Titchy Witch and the Magic Party
  • 理发惊魂记 Titchy Witch and the Scary Haircut
  • 老师喜欢我“咒语 Titchy Witch and the Teacher-Charming Spell
  • ”让爸爸妈妈回家“咒语 Titchy Witch and the Babysitting Spell
  • 神秘林历险 Titchy Witch and the Forbidden Forest

Wilma the Elephant 大象小不点 (4 book set) – by Erwin Moser (a few photos here)

  • 小不点走丢了 Wilma Is Lost
  • 小不点的新朋友 Wilma’s New Friend
  • 小不点的大冒险 Wilma’s Adventure
  • 小不点回家了Wilma Is Home

101个蝌蚪宝宝  101 Tadpoles – by Satoshi Kako 

Where to buy Luka compatible books

Our preferred option in peacetimes is to borrow from the library.  We always check the Singapore NLB catalogue online for availability, and it’s even possible to request a book prior to going to the library.  I’ve written a detailed post about the secret to finding great Luka books in the NLB library collection, as I appreciate it’s not always easy,

However for Luka compatible book buying options:

In Singapore: Most of the titles listed in this post are available from My Story Treasury (online) if you’re looking for a one-stop solution. My Story Treasury is a lovingly curated collection of Chinese picture story books for kids, and as we know from experience that anything in their collection will be excellent!.  My blog readers have a 10% discount if you use “LahLahBanana10” at checkout from their store. There are several other fantastic children’s bookstores in Singapore too who stock some of these books.  Buying local is totally the best. 

In Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia & New Zealand:  Most of the titles are available through Luka Reads (online).  Luka Reads is the official retailer of Luka the Reading Robot in Australia, and they also stock great books which are Luka compatible.  If you use “LahLah20Off”, you’ll receive a $20 discount. Thank you Luka Reads for the kindness of blessing my readers!

In United Kingdom / Europe:  De Ziremi is a new online bookstore for Chinese literature for children.  Their collection is growing daily, and they’re hoping to stock some of the titles in this post.  If you quote “LAHLAHSPECIAL” on checkout, my blog reader will receive 10% off. This is a really kind gesture from the four sister team behind De Ziremi.

On Taobao – if you really must do this option, look at the end of my Taobao post for recommended bookstores through Taobao’s TMall.  For specific titles, I also occasionally bundle them up together and order from Taobao / EZ Buy, although have been sometimes disappointed by the quality or by the books having different covers from what Luka can recognise.  On the contrary, we’ve never been disappointed by My Story Treasury. They have an amazing selection of books, with great reviews about each one in their curation.

In United States – Jojo Learning stocks many titles, as does JD.

Where to buy Luka Reading Companion

In Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand:  Luka Reads is official distributor through this website: They provide local shipping, local warranty and local support. There are varied retailers around the world, although Luka Reads does ship globally to other countries too, if international shipping fee is paid. Luka Reads have kindly provided a $20 off discount code to readers of my blog, using promo code “Lahlah20off”.

In America / Other countries: I’ve heard from readers that the best price option is likely through the online Chinese store The official retailer in US is Jojo Learning. Note: not all of the official authorised global retailers sellers sell the same models, and some of the Lukas don’t have Chinese as an audio option (e.g. the European Luka speaks Germans and English).

Which great Luka Compatible books are we missing?

We’ve come across these books by trial and error, and reading the reviews of others. There are also some good Instagram handles with reviews of Luka compatible books, such as @littlekidreads, or the lists on Luka Reads and Jojo Learning websites.

Which books have your family enjoyed reading through Luka? Feel free to leave any comments or questions.  I’d love to learn more about your experiences with Luka, and your favourite books to read with it. 

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    1. Hi Emma!

      Yes they do! The translator (雪雁) did a great job to keep the meaning of the original English and also (for the most part) make it rhyme. I had that same concern, because some other translated rhyming books (like Peace is an Offering) don’t manage this so well.

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