Simplified Chinese resources we couldn’t have done without

My blog reviews lots and lots of options for families teaching children Chinese, which are accessible for parents who don’t speak the language.  This page summarises briefly the best simplified Chinese resources for families that we’re found.

If you want a basic quick hit list of our favorite suggestions, this is it —>

Chinese Books for Beginners and Early Literacy

  • Le Le Chinese:  300 graded reading books which come with an audio reading pen, covering the first ~1200 Chinese characters
  • Sage 500: Montessori style textbooks teaching the first 500 characters for young children
  • Habbi Habbi:  fun board books with uplifting bilingual stories, which come with a reading pen
  • Odonata Chinese levelled readers:  a cheaper Malaysian equivalent to the above

Books for children who know basic Chinese

Suggested for P1 / P2 silent reading

Suggested for P3 / P4 silent reading

  • Mandarin Companion simple novels (great stories like Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes, etc)
  • Mi Xiao Quan school dairies (a bit like Wimpy Kid)
  • Magic Treehouse – translation of the English version
  • Les P’tites Poules – adventure story about a chicken family
  • Nate the Great – translation of the English version

Resources to support independent reading

School learning support

  • Vitamin M:  innovative online content following P3/P4 Singapore MOE curriculum
  • eBooks: various available, including Du Du, Ellabook, Wawayaya JoyReader, etc 
  • Dim Sum Warriors Learning system: Learn idioms and new vocabulary through food and doodling.

Chinese Literacy Apps

  • iHuman Hongen Shizi – for learning first 1200 characters
  • Maomi stars – for a younger child, with vocab lists matching Sage or Odonata
  • Skritter – to revise tingxie words lists (MOE, HSK, or user entered)

Chinese Online classes

  • Lingo Ace: 1-on-1 classes that follow Singapore MOE syllabus or Mainland China’s Syllabus
  • Lingo Bus: 1-on-1 classes more suited to non-Chinese families
  • GoEast Mandarin:  1-on-1 classes which can be tailored for your child’s ability
  • Vivaling: conversational classes with speaking partner in Beijing
  • Extra curricular classes with Chinese immersion (piano, debating, art, science, music, Minecraft math, Pokemon, etc):  plenty of options

TV / Youtube shows

Printables & Posters

Singapore based bookstores with great Chinese books for children

  • Maha Yuyi – for older children
  • My Story Treasury – for younger children and Christian resources
  • Luka Reads – for Luka compatible books
  • Books4Tots – also can request titles for them to add
  • Flip for Joy
  • Under the Moonlight

Helpful bilingual bloggers

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If you have something great to add, let me know! Our family loves learning about new things too.