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Simplified Chinese resources we couldn’t have done without

My blog reviews lots and lots of options for families teaching children Chinese, which are accessible for parents who don’t speak the language.  This page summarises briefly the best simplified Chinese resources for families that we’re found.

If you want a basic quick hit list of our favorite suggestions, this is it —>

Chinese Books for Beginners and Early Literacy

Books for children who know basic Chinese

Suggested for P1 / P2 silent reading

Suggested for P3 / P4 silent reading

Resources to support independent reading

School learning support

Chinese Literacy Apps

Chinese Online classes

TV / Youtube shows

Printables & Posters

Singapore based bookstores with great Chinese books for children

Helpful bilingual bloggers

Discount codes for my blog

[I receive no commission from this – these discount codes are just for your benefit if I’ve reviewed things you like!]

If you have something great to add, let me know! Our family loves learning about new things too.

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