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Review: The Dim Sum Warriors Club

Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Club is an unconventional approach for learning language through creativity, stories, and doodling.   During the pandemic last year, I had the opportunity to meet and interview the creator of Dim Sum Warriors 点心侠.   Our family now has all their books, and we’ve been part of the Dim Sum Warriors Club for a year.  This post is what we think about the concept.

What is the Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Club 点心侠 ?

The Dim Sum Warriors Club was officially launched in 2021.  It has four main parts:

They also have print books sold separately as the Little Dim Sum Warriors Bilingual Tales (bilingual stories for young readers).

The system was created by a Singaporean husband-wife team Dr Woo Yen Yen (a tenured professor in education and film-maker) and Colin Goh (illustrator of two New York Times bestselling books and writer of films and a musical ), combining their years of professional expertise with their passion for bilingual parenting.  More about their fascinating backgrounds and family in my interview with DIm Sum Warriors.

What we like?

What we don’t like? (or watch outs)

The Dim Sum Warriors Club has been recently relaunched, after going through several stages of development.  If you were one of the early adopters in 2020 to check out the app when it was offered free during COVID, I’d recommend you try it again, as you might be surprised how much it has improved / expanded

Nothing is perfect, so some watch outs for consideration:

Unique features of Dim Sum Warriors?

The whole concept is SO so unique ….. combining physical reading books, with an app that helps the child read the books, and then live interactive weekly sessions. 

In particular, some other unique callouts of this unconventional approach to language acquisition are:

Throughout the 45 minute livestream, the children can suggest ideas in line with the weekly theme, and Uncle Colin draws them and discusses relevant vocabularly.
Translanguaging and language fun abounds in the Dim Sum Warriors Livestreams

How does Dim Sum Warriors work?

I’ll just share how we use it, as there will be plenty of permutations of families who use it differently.

The Dim Sum Warriors books are bilingual, with Chinese on one side, and English on the other.
Isn’t this an amazing picture done in 8 minutes? Such a fun way to learn Chinese idioms!

How is it different from other Chinese apps for kids?

In short, I would say it’s peerless.  It’s original.  It’s really hard to compare.

This is neither an app, nor an online class.  It’s a great mix of the two.  Of course, it is possible to just buy the books, or just use the app.  However, the whole Club package, including the livestreams is what makes it so compelling.  It’s incomparable to any app.

In terms of concept, it’s perhaps a bit like Vitamin M, but with a literary/linguistics focus (Vitamin M which I reviewed previously is designed for orals, and comes at a much higher price point).  It’s also a little like the GenieBook Chinese concept of blended online self-learning and livestreams, but without the textbook focus and much much more personal and creative. 

How to become a Dim Sum Warriors Club Member?

For more information, look on the Dim Sum Warriors website.

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What other technology and apps are great for children learning Chinese?

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on apps, I’d love to hear from you. I am always keen to hear what works for other families.    As an adult who speaks no Chinese, I’ve resorted to several smart technologies to enable my kids to become bilingual.  Perhaps some of my earlier posts might also be of interest:

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