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Book Review: Frog and Toad Story Books 青蛙和蟾蜍

Frog and Toad is a charming set of 4-books, which tells a timeless story of friendship, having been written over 50 years ago …. it’s perfect as an early chapter book for an emerging reader, with less pictures and more text. The stories are endearing because Frog and Toad’s adventures are simple every day activities…

Odonata Chinese Levelled Reading Series: Review

A review of Odonata Graded readers, which area well written series for learning 1200 Chinese characters.  The books have a clear layout, large font, and no HYPY, and importantly, will not break the bank (unlike some other famous levelled readers, which are quite an investment). Click above to read more.

Book Review: Crow Bakery 乌鸦面包店 (Set of 5)

This endearing set of 5 books (translated from Japanese) centres around the humble beginnings of a mom-and-pop bakery business, opened by two crows in the Spring Forest. It’s an intriguing story following the progression of the bakery – and various other enterprises around the forest – and how the family go about their daily life,…

Review: Luka Idioms Smart Flashcards 哆学成语智慧卡

If you have a Luka Reading Robot, you shouuld consider getting the Luka Idioms Smart Flashcards 哆学成语智慧卡. Chinese idioms, or 成语 (chéng yǔ), are short (generally) four-character Chinese phrases which offer gems of wisdom – usually accompanied by fascinating origin stories.  They are really meaningful for children to learn, especially as can be common kinds…


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Reading Chinese Children’s books with Luka Reading Companion

Can’t read Chinese but want to read to your kids? Luka Reading Robot is a clever – and super cute – robot which will read physical picture books aloud to your family.  This adorable owl-shaped reading companion can read aloud over 50,000 Chinese books, including many picture books available to borrow from the Singapore NLB library.

We read every evening with Luka, and have read over 300 books with her. Slowly I will keep adding reviews of our favourite stories.

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