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Chinese Books for Primary Schoolers in Singapore

Tips for PSLE Chinese Oral Exams

Acing the PSLE Chinese Oral exams isn’t just a matter of language fluency. This post lists out a few practical tips to prepare wholesomely for your child’s Chinese oral assessments, without trying to sell you a tuition class to solve the problem! How you ever noticed that if you google ‘Tips for PSLE Chinese oral…

Book Review: Squid for Brains Chapter Books

This review looks at the Squid for Brains Readers (also called Mandarin Chapter Books) published by none other than Squid for Brains.  These are different from the Squid for Brains Picture Books which I’ve reviewed earlier, however the Readers are just as zany and unique. One thing I try really hard to do with this…

Book Review: 朱尔多日记 Zhu Er’s Diary

This review is of a bridging book set 朱尔多日记 (Zhū ěr’s Diary), which is ideal for middle-to-upper primary school readers. My daughter borrowed it recently from the library.  Until that point, I really thought we’d heard of most of the better known early chapter booksets from mainland China, especially those written in diary format, but apparently…


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Literature to support learning Chinese mother tongue in Singaporean Primary Schools

My eldest child can read 1300+ characters, and my younger children read better Chinese than English, in fact, Chinese was the first language they could each read, and my youngest picked it up entirely at home over COVID circuit breaker as a 2 year old.

As parents, we can neither speak nor read Chinese.   But we have systematically and deliberately put small doses of Chinese reading into our daily routines, and made it happen little-by-little.

Here are the books and tools which helped to make it happen, which are best suited to primary school age readers, with a focus on Singapore local school syllabus.

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